Summer Coming

Hello! It’s Michael Hsu, the design & programming intern and head of the comfortable sofa research and acquisition taskforce. We at Decode Global have just moved into a new office, and despite the bareness of the walls are finding it cozy. There is much talk of putting up posters, but nobody owns any posters. What kind of posters should we buy?

“Nothing obscene or naked, obviously,” says Nicole.

“But what about dolphins,” I ask. “They are naked. They love water. They are very optimistic creatures. Surely they are supporters of our game, Get Water!”

Outside the window, Mont Royal rises dark green above a smattering of concrete brutalist architecture. Cars emerge on a gray road wisping out of the mountain and merge back into the street traffic, becoming part of the city in summer. In front of this window sits our game designer, Tuuli Saarinen, who is adding improvements to the game, small and large, day by day.

“The Scary Mask for scaring off peacocks should work much better now,” she says. “Give it a try.”

I’m not in habit of using the Scary Mask because I am an expert at whipping boomerangs at peacocks, and they must by now be terrified of me already, but I might get in the habit of using the mask. It really does work much better.

Veniamin Chukhovich, next door, is creating new artwork for the game. He is especially talented at drawing backgrounds, buildings, and scenery, due perhaps in part to his training in architecture. The other sources of his talent are harder to pin down. Maybe it’s something preternatural, maybe it’s something earned. Veniamin is not an architect anymore; he decided to become an artist. “I want to make art and make games,” he told me, the first time we met. We talked about how he can do both working on Get Water!, while helping to raise awareness for issues of water scarcity and gender inequality in education. We got excited and I knocked over a cup of water. The first time we met I couldn’t pronounce his name. He explained it was like Benjamin, but Veniamin.

We hope you are finding your summers productive and happy. We are working hard every day to create change for the better. Don’t forget to stay hydrated during the blistering summer. If you are in the southern hemisphere, don’t forget your coat. And above all, don’t forget to Get Water!

Coming soon: new ways to earn bonus pencils and connect with your friends!