Startupfest Wrap Up

Startupfest 2013 was a great success! With the sun shining down hot and bright, it seemed everybody wanted to Get Water! Sometimes we even ran out of iPads to demo the game on because people couldn’t just couldn’t tear themselves away! Big thanks to everybody who stopped by. It was heartening to see how much everyone cared about issues relating to water scarcity and education. Together we can make a difference!

Through our charity: water initiative, we have raised enough to bring clean water to an entire family in India!

Congratulations to Ovidiu Mija and Jerome Pelletier for winning the high-score competition on Friday and Saturday with scores of 1454 and 925, respectively. They will each receive Get Water! Goodie Bag, with t-shirts, candies, stickers, and other cool stuff! Even more exciting, each of them will have $50 donated in their name to charity: water as well!

To our many fans who use Android phones: stay tuned for our Fall 2013 release for Android!