New Website

Hi, it’s Michael Hsu, the design & programming intern, reporting in from the eleventh floor office. As I write, a new website for Get Water! is nearing completion. Launch is only days away, and as the hour hand of fate draws close to the five o’clock of destiny, our website programmer frantically taps away at the keyboard, taking only six second breaks at a time to scald his tongue on coffee. We have with us now the man tasked with this most historic of missions, the design & programming intern, Michael Hsu.

“Hello, Michael. Hard at work?”

“I’ve only got two minutes, Michael. Really busy writing this website.”

“Yes, tell us about the forthcoming website. We hear it’s going to be really good.”

“I don’t know. I’m doing my best. I hope it turns out all right.”

“We have heard disturbing allegations from an anonymous source that instead of writing the website, you are actually writing a blog post about writing the website. How do you respond to this?”

“What, who said that? Complete and utter falsehoods! Look at my fingers rain down this righteous code upon the cyberspace. Look! I am working so hard.”

“Michael, you are drawing a picture in MS Paint.”

“Yes, it is a self portrait.”

“But I thought you were working on the website.”

“Everything I do is for the website. I give my life for the website!”

My, what bravery of heart and nobleness of soul! O, interns at Decode Global, we salute you! Just today, my colleague shared with me another tale from the front. Elana Cipin, our new business development intern, lost power to her computer, and only by the most adroit of reflexes and keenest of intellects, managed to save and restore all her work. Every day, the team at Decode Global works hard to make Get Water better. Carry on, team!