High Score Competition Party!

On Thursday, Decode Global hosted a high score competition at mobile games accelerator Execution Labs. Friends and guests enjoyed cold beers, massive amounts of candy, and each other’s good company. Most of all, though, they got to experience the newest release of Get Water! and compete against each other for the high score of the night.

Prizes of the night included game background art prints from our artist Veniamin, as well as a Get Water! prize pack with T-shirts, chocolate bars, and other goodies. Additional prints were also on sale, with all proceeds going to charity: water.

After a hour and a half of practice and competition, two finalists emerged from separate contestant pools: the co-founder of Execution Labs, Jason Della Rocca, and Nancy Zenger, of the Critical Hit Games Collaboratory.

Jason, though stout-willed and true-hearted, was ambushed by a camouflaged turtle on his first turn. Nancy fared not much better, crashing into a peacock whilst avoiding a cluster of dirty water.

Jason made a second attempt, yet before long, his ambitions of making the record of the night was dashed as he guided Maya into a treacherous bouncing football. Nancy, who proved slightly more dexterous, or more lucky, depending on whom you asked, prevailed in the end by a margin of only two hundred odd points, narrowly winning the match.