From Game to Reality: Making Access to Clean Water A True Story

At Decode Global, we like to think big. We are dedicated to the mission of bringing clean water to all people, and committed to ensuring that girls like Maya benefit from equal access to education. But we also believe that great things are accomplished together.

That’s why this fall, Decode Global is working with charity: water to bring you a special edition of Get Water! featuring exclusive charity: water in-game missions and unique cut-scenes. As players experience this chapter in Maya’s story, they will learn about the non-profit organization’s work in India, and discover new ways to help bring clean water to the developing world.

We believe that gaming is a powerful medium through which players can experience the stories of other human beings. While the world that Maya inhabits is a virtual one, fraught with far less complexity than reality, it is exactly this accessibility which makes her story so much more compelling. For Maya’s world is a representation of our world, and when we empower players to make positive changes in the virtual world, we help them believe in the possibilities for positive impact in this one as well.

Engaging audiences through storytelling is a vision shared by both organizations whose missions align in raising awareness and making a difference for clean water. The team at Decode Global were inspired by charity: water’s stories from their latest trip to India, and now we wish to share that inspiration with players worldwide. By connecting charity: water’s real-world endeavours to the virtual world in Get Water!, we are creating a platform from which players can not only learn about the mission for clean water, but also contribute directly to that mission.


Download Get Water!  today! The release also marks charity: water’s annual September Campaign, which will bring clean water to 100 villages in Orissa, India.