GDC13: Games Can and Should Change!

Game Developers Conference is the biggest conference in the world for people working in game development. It’s a week-long gathering of the industry’s greatest minds, and a brilliant place to learn where the industry is headed. I’ve been wanting to attend the conference for years, and finally had the chance to do that this year.

It was amazing talking about Get Water! with the attendees, and seeing all the positive reactions. People really seem to love the game and what we’re trying to do with it. The number of people that think we’re doing something everyone should be doing is surprisingly big, and I had some great discussions with both independent and big production developers on where they think the industry is headed. Hopefully playing our game will inspire them to consider dealing with social issues in their games. That, and introducing more diverse game characters, such as our very own Maya, the 12-year-old protagonist of Get Water!.

Although the conference was full of companies and games focused in profit only, it was clear that a number of developers think things need to change, and many are doing their best to drive change the best they can. I can’t wait to see how attitudes have changed next year, not to mention five years from now!